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A private dining experience catered just for you!


We do not forget that gastronomy is constantly evolving and, therefore, innovation becomes essential. We work day by day to create a contemporary, daring and avant-garde gastronomic offer, while maintaining its essence in the traditional pillars of the kitchen of a lifetime.

Yucca, Green banana, Tamarillo, Guanabana, Lulo, Quinoa are some products that we see today in the market and with us you will discover their flavours.

A little tease

of our menu ...

Meet the chef

Meet the chef

Jhonny Martínez has been trained mainly in Spanish cuisine, without abandoning his Ecuadorian roots.


Gastronomy Study in Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona and Seville.


With 15 years of experience Jhonny worked in some of the most outstanding restaurants in the city of Seville, Madrid and Barcelona as Executive Chef of Boreas Global and Chef de Cuisine in the restaurant Entredos Gastrobar.


Later, he moved to Oslo (Norway), where he has worked in prestigious restaurants and hotels such as Lysebu Hotel Restaurant, Amerikalinjen Hotel and The Thief Hotel.


Currently, Jhonny Martínez combines his work and residence in Norway with his studies in Spain at the Prestigious University Basque Culinary Center.

We directly have a face to face meeting and together we plan a program and customise the menus for you.

From a ceviche to a variety of Spanish tapas.  


Our concept is designed for groups from 6 to 30 people.

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 15.00 - 21.30

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